Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

As Paulo and I have already been to Los Angeles several times, we already know almost everything there. However, the Silver Lake region, for example, has not yet been much explored by both of us. We even took a few walks there, but we didn’t stop at any specific place. This time, we intend to get to know a little of this part of the city.
Nothing better than starting to stroll through an area already knowing its best restaurants, right? The neighborhood is more residential, but you still find incredible options for lunch or a snack!

Mh Zh

Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

Photo: LA Weekly

You know how much I love places with a more relaxed style, so I couldn’t stop talking about Mh Zh. The restaurant is one of the best recommended in the region, both for the food and for the environment.
Most of the dishes have an Israeli influence, with hummus being the most requested by customers. Almost all the ingredients used are simpler and more basic, so the price of the dishes is super ok, ideal for those who want to eat well and don’t want to spend a lot ?

Slaughtered wolf

Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

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At Wolfdown you will find delicious Asian-inspired food. The place is beautiful, with outdoor tables around an environment surrounded by little plants. The decoration is almost entirely of wood, so it is a very authentic and original space.
Rice cakes and pork belly, for example, are highly praised by the restaurant’s customers. The Korean style fried chicken is also another super dish recommended by the people who go there. Ah, the portions are quite large, so you can share them easily if you are with companions.

Restaurante + Mercado Botanica

Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

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I already told you about Botanica in another post here on the site. The place is wonderful, so I couldn’t leave it off that list either. The place is more focused on healthy and light food, with a huge variety of delicious vegetarian dishes.
The salads are super well prepared and served well. In the case of brunch, the local star is undoubtedly the Turkish egg. It is worth trying, because the flavors are very different and interesting!

Pine & Crane

Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

Photo: Joanne Pio

With a super cute atmosphere and a menu full of tasty dishes, it is practically impossible not to fall in love with Pine & Crane. One of the main proposals of the place is to serve homemade food with light Taiwanese touches. Their salads are all based on seasonal products, all very fresh.
Noodles and rice-based dishes are the most ordered there. They also sell great teas, both hot and iced. Some of them have very different flavors, like the mixture of malt, chrysanthemum, dried fruit and cinnamon. If you like teas, be sure to try at least one of them ?


Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

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The atmosphere of the Food is a grace. In addition, their food is simply delicious. The cuisine of the place is geared towards Italian cuisine, and most of the pasta served by him are handcrafted. The portions are usually small, but enough to make you feel satisfied, since pasta is a heavier food. Anyone who eats meat should also give the fried chicken sandwich a try, which is highly praised by locals.


Best Restaurants in Silver Lake, California

Photo: @los_angeles_food_adventures

Those who enjoy Vietnamese cuisine cannot leave Blossom out of the script. For vegetarians and vegans, I no longer recommend the place, because most of the dishes come with some type of meat or animal derivatives.
However, if you do not have any type of food restriction, be sure to go there. Pho, a typical Vietnamese soup, is one of the most popular dishes. Their decor is more classic and intimate, super cozy.
There are restaurants for all tastes there, right? If you are curious to know what other Los Angeles must-see restaurants are, just click here!

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