Beta carotene

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Can desserts, in addition to giving us pleasure, benefit health and beauty at the same time? Of course yes! Have you ever heard of beta carotene? There are several substances that give colors to plants and each of them has different properties and functions. That is why it is recommended a food with different colors, to diversify the nutrients consumed. But no artificial colors, huh?
Natural dyes include beta-carotene, which gives the yellow and orange color of carrot, pumpkin, papaya, mango, apricot, peach, passion fruit, grapefruit … you must have already thought of a lot of dessert, right? However, this substance is also found, even in smaller quantities, in dark green vegetables such as: spinach, broccoli, basil, cabbage, chicory, watercress and peas. Among the benefits that beta carotene brings us, which are not few, we can point out: antioxidant, that is why it fights premature cellular aging; it is good for eyesight, strengthens the immune system and stimulates the production of melanin. Beta carotene imparts elasticity and vigor to the skin, strengthens the nails, gives shine to the hair and promotes a healthier, longer-lasting and beautiful tan.
beta carotene mamao antonio ickfdphoto: Rufflemint
The consumption of beta carotene does not exempt the need to use sunscreen. All the vegetables mentioned above have several other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Take advantage of seasonal fruits to consume products of excellent quality and good prices. Enjoy a good sun in the early morning and late afternoon. Your skin, eyes, nails and hair are grateful.
beta carotene antonio ickfdphoto: Favim

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