Beware, Weight Loss Traps 5 Porridge Mistakes That You Can Even Gain Weight

Beware, Weight Loss Traps 5 Porridge Mistakes That You Can Even Gain Weight

Opinions differ about porridge: for some it is the perfect breakfast, for others it is difficult to eat. Anyone who enjoys porridge should be careful: otherwise the healthy diet for weight loss will quickly become a calorie trap.

The preparation of porridge is very easy. You can boil the oat flakes either in water or milk until they get the desired creamy consistency. The porridge can be tasted finely with a little salt and sugar, other ingredients such as berries are possible – but this is exactly where things start to get tricky: What actually belongs to a delicious porridge?

If the porridge actually enjoys the reputation of a delicious breakfast for losing weight – it’s not for nothing that sporting stars like ex-tennis ace Ana Ivanovic (32) like to hit it – some additives can lead to undesirable side effects.

These five mistakes can quickly get on your hips

The thing with the sugar

Seasoning the porridge with a pinch of sugar and salt is part of the basic recipe. Those who do without here are foregoing taste. Unfortunately, it is also a fact that porridge can tolerate a lot of sugar without looking sticky and sweet. And so several teaspoons of it wander into some breakfasts, which quickly makes a healthy breakfast a sin.

It is far better to get the sweetening effect through additions, than toppings, which also spice up the rather unsightly porridge optically. Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, also three or four grapes, and the thing is perfect.

What about dried fruit?

Dried fruits have an intense taste that goes well with the porridge. Unfortunately, this intensity is achieved by removing the water from the fruit while retaining the fructose. And to make it clear with an example: 100 grams of dried apples have 326 calories, 100 grams of fresh apples only 52. ​​Fresh fruit must therefore be given priority.

Simply delicious: a porridge specialty from the oven


Breakfast with a difference
Oven porridge with banana: This breakfast is anything but boring

Always just cornflakes or oatmeal for breakfast gets boring at some point. How about a delicious oven porridge with banana instead? You can get the recipe here.

A little maple syrup maybe?

The addition of some maple syrup rounds off the taste experience and it is not necessary to do without it completely. The syrup is ultimately lower in calories than honey, making it a very good alternative. Here, too, 100 grams have around 260 calories, so caution is advised. A simple trick can help here: Equip the bottle with a pouring spout so that fine threads of syrup can be spread over the porridge. That is completely enough in terms of taste. Most bottles, on the other hand, are designed so that you can quickly buy more. In other words: it comes out unnecessarily many.

Enjoy porridge pure?

Those who love porridge also like to eat a little more of it – after all, many breakfast bowls offer plenty of space. This can easily become a problem for your figure, especially if you have an office day with a lot of sitting. On the other hand, “” has a good tip: Simply combine the oatmeal with a food that brings additional protein. Quark or yoghurt would be suitable here, for example. This means that the feeling of satiety lasts longer and the blood sugar level is more constant.

Even more convenient with ready-made porridge?

Let’s make it short: never, for the sake of your figure and your health.

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