Bikini Figure 5 Crazy Diet Tricks That Actually Work

Bikini Figure 5 Crazy Diet Tricks That Actually Work

Summer is approaching and the bikini figure? These Five Diet Tricks Work And Really Help!

Now that summer is just around the corner, many still want to get rid of a kilo or two. This is not always easy, because the weaker self is often greater than the ambition to cut a shiny figure in a bikini. Those who have successfully followed a diet usually struggle with the yo-yo effect afterwards. But there are diet tricks that actually work!

Soup as a starter

Eat a starter before the main course and lose weight? Sounds strange, but it really is! Unless it’s a soup. Scientists found this out in a study published in “Appetite” magazine. Participants consumed a total of 20 percent fewer calories when they ate a low-calorie soup (100 to 150 calories) before the main course.

Think about the last meal

When cravings overwhelms you, you want to cram everything into yourself. But before that happens, just think about your last meal and imagine it. You are guaranteed to eat less!

Sort by color

It is always said so beautifully that you eat with your eyes. The color plays a particularly important role. A study by Cornell University has shown that the greater the color contrast between your food and the plate, the less hungry you are. Participants who ate pasta with tomato sauce from a white plate ate a total of 22 percent less than the subjects who ate the same pasta from a red plate.

Smell the food

The nose plays an essential role in eating. A recent study published in the “Flavor” Journal found that the more intense the smell of a meal, the less it is eaten. Participants whose dessert was more aromatic consumed a total of five to ten percent less.

Illustrate what is eaten

The feeling of hunger can sometimes play a pretty trick on you. Therefore, you should always leave leftovers on your plate to reflect that you have already eaten. A Cornell University study that asked participants to eat chicken wings found that those who ate more overall whose leftover bones were removed from the table found that they ate more. In the case of those who had an eye on the chicken wings they had eaten, the brain received the information that they had already eaten and were full.

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