Bikini figure 5 tips for a nice bottom

Bikini figure 5 tips for a nice bottom

Want a firm bottom? With our tips you will ensure strong buttocks muscles and lose weight in the right places.

Of course, looks are not everything, but who doesn’t like to have a beautiful figure? And for many, this includes a beautiful bottom. Especially in summer on the beach or when wearing tight pants this is a real eye-catcher.

The good news: You don’t necessarily have to hire an expensive personal trainer and train for four hours a day to hit the hard butt. However, it won’t work without any effort. After all, a nice bottom consists primarily of well-trained muscles and little fat – and both of these don’t come naturally. You will achieve the best results with the right mix of exercise and diet. The following tips will bring you a lot closer to your goal.

The leg lifter

If you want to train your buttocks, you don’t have to go to the gym. Successful training can also be completed within your own four walls. For example, the leg lifter is ideal for a cracking butt:

  • The starting position is in the four-footed position with the knees under the hips and the arms under the shoulder.

  • Lift your right leg straight off the floor until it is level with your hips.

  • Angle it and push the soles of your feet up towards the ceiling. 3 x 15 repetitions are sufficient for each side.


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Long line thrust

This is actually a variant of the conventional leg lifter, but it is much more strenuous. The main difference: You do the exercise in the push-up position and not in the four-footed position, and push the entire bent leg vertically upwards. In the beginning, 3 x 5 repetitions on each side are sufficient.

Lunge forward

Lunge steps are great exercises for cracking buttocks. The forward lunge works as follows:

  • Take a big step forward, bend your legs, and lower your torso.

  • Push the trigger and return to the starting position. 3 x 15 repetitions.

For more intensity, you can put a dumbbell in each hanging hand. Incidentally, the sideways lunge works similarly.

Leg Exercise 2 - Lunges

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Eat right for a nice bottom

Of course, a nice bottom also has something to do with the right diet. Basically, you should attach importance to a healthy and balanced diet with little fat for a firm buttocks. Avoiding alcohol and nicotine is also important in figure training. However, starvation is counterproductive if you want a firm and muscular butt. On the other hand, protein-rich products provide energy for the muscles and prevent food cravings. Vegetarians can use tofu, nuts and lentil fruits for meat substitutes, for example.

Beauty care for the buttocks

A beautiful bottom not only wants to be trained, but also to be cared for. Do you like to have pimples? You can prevent this with regular cleaning with clarifying antibacterial washing gels and peelings.

By the way: prefer cotton underwear made of synthetic fabrics. Because the latter are not breathable and promote perspiration. The result: blemished skin.

By the way: This is how Britney Spears (37) trains for her crisp downside!

Workout - Britney Spears: firm buttocks through workout

Britney Spears: firm butt through workout

Britney Spear’s firm bottom is no coincidence. On the contrary: there is a lot of hard work behind it. But which workouts help to get the bottom really into shape?

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