Bikini figure in 14 days 10 kilos in two weeks? That should be possible with the Thonon diet

Bikini figure in 14 days 10 kilos in two weeks?  That should be possible with the Thonon diet

The bikini season is just around the corner and if you are not in shape yet, you need an emergency plan! With the Thonon diet, you’ll lose ten kilos in just 14 days – and you’ll look great on the beach.

The French are known for their delicious dishes: light croissants, tender cheese and desserts such as creme brulee do not exactly suggest the slim line, but in fact the French are also known for their narrow center.

Above in the video: How to get rid of belly fat!

Perhaps this is due to their strong discipline, which is required for the tuna diet. Because this French diet is definitely not a picnic. Incidentally, this diet got its name from the place where it was invented: The basis was created in a hospital in Thonon-les-Bains, France, which is supposed to achieve spectacular results even for a crash diet.

Your desired weight in 14 days

It’s no secret that losing weight means giving up. This is how it works with every diet, including the French Thonon diet. For 14 days you follow a strict program that is pretty meager with just 600 to 800 calories a day. Since only so few calories are consumed during this time, you should only follow the Thonon diet for a maximum of 14 days so that you do not stress the body too much. The meal plan is very clear: there are three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks in between? Nothing!

1. Breakfast

The breakfast is particularly slim. There is only coffee or tea, of course without sugar or milk. With this breakfast you prepare for the rest of the day. Every third day you can have a slice of wholemeal bread with your coffee or tea.

2. Lunch

At lunchtime there are two boiled eggs with blanched spinach or, alternatively, a hard-boiled egg with boiled carrots and a piece of cheese. Fish in broth or fruit are also on the menu. There are only small portions of all this.

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“The Biggest Loser” trainer
“There is no yo-yo effect”: Mareike Spaleck reveals how we get fit and beautiful

As a trainer, Mareike Spaleck has been getting the candidates of the weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser” in shape since 2016. Now she has put her experiences into book form. In the Marians Welt interview, the likable 32-year-old reveals how we give way to new habits and what our smartphone has to do with healthy eating and exercise.

3. Dinner while on the Thonon Diet

If you have been disciplined all day, treat yourself to a large grilled steak with lettuce and celery or three small burgers in the evening. If there was already a wholemeal bread for breakfast, there is only some ham with the salad. A cup of natural yoghurt can also be eaten in the evening.

This is why the Thonon Diet works

Anyone who thinks that after the 14 days they can feast without mercy is wrong. Because then the yo-yo effect would be inevitable – and that’s exactly what we can do without! After this French diet, a stabilization phase is essential. Rule of thumb: calculate a week for every kilo lost to slowly find your way back. Increase your calorie intake step by step. First 1000, then 1200 and finally 1500 calories per day prevent the yo-yo effect. The Thonon diet works because you only consume so few calories that the body immediately goes into starvation mode and attacks reserves in its own body. But you need an absolute iron discipline to stick to the Thonon diet. Since the diet consists mainly of protein and only minimal amounts of fiber, your digestion suffers: constipation, bloating and malaise are not uncommon, which put patience and stamina to the test.

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