Bikini Figure This is how you have to eat to get a flat stomach
Bikini figure this is how you have to eat to

Bikini Figure This is how you have to eat to get a flat stomach

A perfectly flat stomach isn’t just a matter of exercise and weight. Women in particular often suffer from a bloated stomach, which you can do something about with the right food.

Bloated stomach? These are the causes

Bloated, bloated and felt 10 pounds heavierso are many women. This is due to the retention of water that can form in the course of a woman’s cycle. So that’s a problem mainly Know women. Another reason to feel bloated are accumulations of gas in the abdomen. These are then often due to flatulent foods such as cabbage or legumes. Men know that too. A flat stomach is not a problem with the right diet.

Here are our tips for a flat stomach

1. Avoid foods that cause gas!

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and legumes should first be removed from the menu. You should also avoid sugar. Even sparkling water can have a flatulence effect. In contrast, the effect is different for other foods such as cereals or milk. Some people tolerate this food wonderful, others not. So you just have to listen to your body and leave out anything that puffs you up.

2. Eat digestive foods!

Some liveFood helps you naturally, combat existing gas, cramps and other digestive problems. For example fennel or ginger.

3. Eat dehydrating foods.

take Foods to you that are naturally diuretic and draining. asparagus or seaweed are good examples of this. Such foods drive excess water out of the body very quickly.

Last Minute Beachbody Main

Last minute bikini workout
Flat stomach: it works with these exercises!

Summer is just around the corner, lots of crop tops are waiting in the closet to be worn, but your stomach is not in shape yet? We’ll show you the most effective exercises for a flat stomach.

For So you should have a flat stomach in your diet and include these foods respect, think highly of:

  • asparagus (drains)

  • Spinach and other leafy green vegetables (drains)

  • cucumber (drains)

  • seaweed (drains)

  • ginger (works against flatulence)

  • fennel (works against flatulence)

  • turmeric (strengthens digestion, supports the liver in detoxification, counteracts inflammation in the body)

Flat stomach in two weeks with the right diet? you do against a bloated stomach cant, do you know now. But even if you have a few poundss too much and thereby If you have a small tummy, you can do something about it with the right diet. Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat than men and therefore tend to have a little belly fat. But with the right diet, a flat stomach is also excellent for women.

The prerequisite is that you also do a bit of sportst. Complete regular endurance training and do abs exercises like Sit ups. To get a flatter stomach in two weeks, you also need to heed the following nutrition tips:

  • Cut down on your calorie intake. Eat for it more vegetables and low-fat protein and leave out high-energy foods. But starving does not help!

  • Drinke much water – this reduces hunger pangs and stimulates the metabolism.

  • Avoid carbohydrates in the evening! Your body needs this in the N / Acht Not. They just block fat burning. Site at dinner therefore prefer protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish or quark. This boosts fat burning and you can actually lose weight while you sleep and get such a wonderfully flat stomach.

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