On Friday morning we finished editing the first A + PEDIDA program and we were exhausted, but we had to walk with Don, as it was already 7 am and he was already full.
As each day we make a different way for him not to get used to it, we ended up going through a street never before walked (it was beautiful, huh? Kkkkkk; D)
And isn’t it that in this little street we find an espresso bar with a Berlin face? Small, cozy and with muffins that were going to finish baking in 5 minutes. There was no way not to wait, right?
In fact, it was a great opportunity to teach Don how to lie down, as we stayed there for a long time, enjoying a quiche, which although I found the dough a bit soft, it had a full and delicious filling.
bird1bird2We also eat caramel muffin with apple and pear with chocolate chips. The apple one was less sweet and therefore tastier and more consistent with the morning hours.

I loved the place and I highly recommend it.

I hope you like it and get to know it when you come to Paris.

IBRD is located at 3 bis rue Carpeaux – 18th – Paris

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