Black and white: 10 pieces, 5 looks

Black and white: 10 pieces, 5 looks

Versatility is the watchword in times of crisis. No buying multiple handbags for different occasions or investing in a high heel that you only use for clubbing! As I love bicolor looks, especially black and white, I selected 5 pieces that you will love having in the closet and that are suitable for different occasions.
This first look is super fashionista and mixes several trends: white sneakers, fringes, straps, midi length, body… There is nowhere to start. These pieces seem too striking for various looks, right? Just wait to see how versatile they can be.
Sneakers and handbags are must-have items. Go with everything! The medium bag with cross handle and in a neutral color looks good for all occasions. Tennis makes the look much more stripped down – not to mention comfort! Another cool tip in this look is to invest in shorter scarves because they serve to hold in the bag, use around the neck or even tie in the hair!
T-shirts are very important to assemble a compact and functional wardrobe. They match jeans, pants, skirts, sorts, heels, sneakers… EVERYTHING! So you already know, buy a T-shirt with a perfect shape for your body now because it is a gold investment.
For the top part of the look not to be so basic, opt for a maxi accessory. A necklace or a beautiful necklace can work miracles in the visual, since they give a above for production.
Tennis in the club can – even more if it is a more alternative. The body leaves the sexiest look, but not for that very flashy. For those who are afraid to use the garment alone, wear a kimono over it! In addition, for a night look it is always good to have a warm piece for any emergency.
This is a very basic look, but with some small details it has more personality. Use your favorite accessories and great shoes. Whether or not the footwear makes the look cooler. If you wear a sneaker, for example, it can be very obvious. As the T-shirt has a more casual feel, play tennis without fear!
This look is perfect for a bar or a more casual dinner. The jacket on the waist is a charm, I love it! In addition, the strip body already has many details and you will not need many accessories to complement it.


  1. Midi Fringe Skirt: Pop Up Store at Gallerist – R $ 104.40
  2. Strip Body: Animale at OQVestir – R $ 379.00
  3. Paris T-shirt: Ammis at Farfetch – R $ 123,20
  4. Black short skirt: CD + at Farferch – R $ 132,00
  5. Jacket: CD + at Farfetch – R $ 252.00
  6. Geometric Kimono: Alór from Farfetch – R $ 122,00
  7. White Sneakers: Superga at OQVestir – R $ 269.00
  8. White Bag: Tavi at OQVestir – R $ 159.00
  9. Necklace: Dafiti Accessories – R $ 59.90
  10. Scarf: Dafiti Accessories – R $ 49.90

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