Black olhão for the weekend

Black olhão for the weekend

Even though I’m a fan of red lipstick, I need to confess that I also have my crush on a black eye, see? A while ago it was unthinkable to use these two things together, but today I see that it is super possible – after all, there are thousands of shades of red and black for us to mix!

black-eye-for-this-sixth-makeup-danielle-noce-0 Photo – Skin Dimensions Online

In addition to variations in shades of black, the finishes change the makeup effect a lot. A very bright shade, for example, makes the look much more glam and perfect for the night. On the other hand, the more opaque products are ideal for making a beautiful smudge that composes very well with many other colors ?
In addition to these more “simple” options, there are some creamy or powdered products that can receive a layer of gloss to make them look wet. These two options are more difficult, but the result is very unusual – and wonderful!

black-eye-for-this-sixth-makeup-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Brydie, Getty Images, @emilyabay_photographer, Pinterest, Breakfast With Audrey, Oh Strike a Pose (Tumblr), Linda e Graciosa and The Beauty Model (Tumblr)

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