Blackboard in decoration

Blackboard in decoration

The decoration of the house can have very unusual elements. We don’t always see a blackboard wall in the dining room, do we? But why not? I have a whole wall at home myself – you may have seen it in the videos!
In addition to being very useful, the wall leaves a super cool air in the environment. You can customize it your way, with colorful designs or lists and phrases. You can use it in various rooms in the house!



Photo 1 – Decoration Findings / Photo 2 – Buzzfeed

Perhaps this is the most common use! The slate in the kitchen makes it very easy to make market lists, as you just have to write down what is over during the week and take a photo at the end. The blackboard also makes the environment more modern and takes away the monotony of a black and white kitchen, for example.

Dining room


Photo 1 – I love decorating / Photo 2 – Lygari

Is your house small and the kitchen integrated? Nothing better than a black board on the entire wall to join the spaces even more. Now, if your dining room is very large and bright, a great idea is to “frame” a blackboard (photo 2).



Photo 1 – Futura Arquitetura / Photo 2 – Live Journal

For those who have a cooler, bohemian or rock’n’roll style is a great tip! You can do it only at the head of the bed or on more walls.



Photo 1 – Moutain / Photo 2 – Sernaiotto

Offices and blackboards combine soooo much. In addition to being a great decoration and making beautiful drawings, it ends up being a great way to organize ideas, plans and even calendar (as in the second photo).
They’re beautiful and super useful, aren’t they?

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