Blankets to keep your home warm

Blankets to keep your home warm

To make your home very cozy in winter there is nothing better than spreading blankets around the rooms! There are hundreds of very warm prints and models for you to place on sofas and armchairs – and you don’t even have to be cold to use them, they are great additions to your home decor! Check out some tips on how to use them!

Neutral sofa


Photo 1 – Coco Lapine Design / Photo 2 – Valentina’s House / Photo 3 – Maria Killam

Sofas with neutral colors, like the ones in the photos, are much easier to combine! You can put plain or patterned blankets of any color that will look amazing!

Colorful sofas


Photo 1 – Oi Sugar Plum / Photo 2 – Urban Outfitters / Photo 3 – Love Chic Living

The colors are a little more difficult, but nothing out of this world! Choose a printed blanket that has one of the colors of your sofa and rest assured, it will be great! At the time of purchase, it is worth taking a photo of the exact color of your upholstery to see if it matches or ask to try it at home (many stores let you do this test). If you want you can combine it with a plain blanket (last photo) or with the pillows (first).



Photo 1 – Deco Crush / Photo 2 – Design Corner / Photo 3 – Demon Decor

If what you really want is to get warm, opt for furry or crochet models! Blankets of this type make the environment much more cozy – it makes you want to sleep on the sofa, it’s so comfortable!



Foto 1 – Lovin Blog / Foto 2 – Decor8 / Foto 3 – Casa Sugar

When placing the blanket on the sofa, the question always arises: do I leave it more stripped or do I put it on? As you can see in the other photos I selected, I love them playing! But after looking for some references, I found several ways to make them look perfect on the sofa and still very charming. You can vary from time to time!



Photo 1 – Toher / Photo 2 – Author Mercedes / Photo 3 – HGTV

Your blankets can go to armchairs. They are very charming and cozy, the face of winter! Here, you also have the option to make them more tidy or played – either way your house will be ready for you to enjoy the coldest season of the year!

I’ll leave my house very warm and enjoy this winter! Is that you?

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