Blatant Weight Loss She has lost 80 pounds – and is now a model!

Blatant Weight Loss She has lost 80 pounds - and is now a model!

What a change! After 24-year-old Rose gave up her addiction to fast food, she is barely recognizable. And now even stands as a model in front of the camera …

Rose Hughes, 24, from Birmingham, UK weighed in 143 kilograms. Already in her childhood she had problems with her weight.

According to her own statements, the young woman used to go to fast food restaurants three to four times a week and then left an average of around 11 euros each time, which corresponds to a really large meal. “Once I ordered two pieces of chicken, ten chicken wings, large french fries and an ice cream,” she told the British newspaper “The Sun”.

your Obesity As a result, she was barely confident and her weight began to fall on hers psyche to have an impact. She reports that she was afraid that people on the street would stare at her and judge her for her extra pounds.

Then the young woman decided to take a beauty therapy class in college. But the idea of ​​going there every day and meeting new people scared her. The then 18-year-old withdrew more and more. But then came the time when she realized that she had to change something.

She went to hers Family doctorwho confirmed that she was overweight. She says, “I already knew, but hearing it out loud made me change something.”

Her family doctor made one for her Nutrition plan and with a strict diet finally took it off. But after six months her weight stagnated and she gave up. However, when she found that her sanity was deteriorating again, she knew she had to move on.

She went to the gym twice a day and completely avoided sugar, carbohydrates, and convenience foods. Instead, proteins and vegetables were now on the menu.

Rose now weighs only 63 kilograms from the original 143 kilograms. The young Brit celebrated her incredible success by taking part in a lingerie shoot in Birmingham. She herself says: “I was amazed at how good I looked!” And another positive side effect is that she can now invest all the money she had spent on food in nice clothes.

“Giving up my fast food addiction was the best thing I have ever done and I’m incredibly proud of what I have achieved,” says Rose. Your efforts have shown clear results!

Rose looks so sexy today:

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