Blender cake 5 recipes to test at home


There are times when all we want most is a sweet, so there is nothing better than preparing an easy recipe, like the classic blender cake. In addition to dirty little dishes, they are always practical and ready quickly. Perfect for those who want to starve the cake without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
Thinking about it, we made a selection with 5 delicious cakes and very easy to make. To complement some of them, syrups full of flavor ?

Carrot cake

To start our list in style, the classic carrot cake! In this version of the recipe, we separate the exact measure of carrots so that your cake is very fluffy. We cover the dough with a traditional chocolate ganache, but you can use the topping of your choice, including Brigadeiro!
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Creamy corn cake

Do you have an easier recipe than those using canned food? This corn cake, besides being super simple to make, is creamy and wet. You can beat all the ingredients in the blender without fear, because the result is just wonderful.
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Banana cake with chocolate

Anyone looking for an easy and slightly healthier cake recipe can now begin to separate the ingredients for this delight. In addition to being super fluffy and with pieces of chocolate in the dough, the topping brings that unctuousness in the right measure for each mouthful given.
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Marble cake

It also has an option for those allergic to gluten and milk! The marble cake is a classic afternoon coffee, so enjoy it ?
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Cornmeal creamy cake

You know that cornmeal cake recipe for anyone to defect? This is it! And yes, just hit everything in the blender. The magic to form the layers happens in the oven, so don’t worry about mixing all the ingredients.
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Now your days of searching for super easy cake recipes are over, isn’t it? Lots of creaminess, flavor and practicality!

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