Bluetooth design speaker: 5 devices to decorate as much as to equip

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Are you also addicted to decorating just as much as you love dancing in the middle of the living room in the middle of the afternoon for no apparent reason? If you are looking for a bluetooth designer speaker to equip your apartment while being able to admire the aesthetic beauty of this device, you have come to the right place.

It is Monday, a very sunny day and I am working from my terrace. I did not go to the office today which allows me to strum on my keyboard to the beat of Spotify. I love to do this. I run a lively playlist and the words seem to come to me. As I write these words, Kids in Love by Kygo must be heard at least up to the 8th floor (I live on the 6th). Devialet, my bluetooth designer speaker is not intended to be discreet in such moments. In addition I opened all the patio doors to the apartment. I love working in music. And my neighbors are at the office so I still enjoy a few hours!

The Devialet phantom is therefore the design speaker that we have chosen to decorate our apartment because this device must today become a decorative element in its own right. The big black cubes that we are trying to hide, it’s over: assume and love your speaker.

Whatever your budget, your style and your desires and needs, I assure you that you will find your happiness in the selection below.

Elipson Planet: the round bluetooth design speaker

If you are looking for an affordable designer speaker that comes out of the classic rectangular block, the Elipson Planet is for you!

29 cm in diameter, the speakers work extremely well as a duo. So I love their original aesthetics, the low price but also the different finishes available. Indeed, it can be chosen in different colors but also in mat or gloss version. You will also have no difficulty in matching it to your interior decoration. Moreover, thanks to the brackets (sold separately), it can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling.

My favorite is the Neptune Stone which looks like a diver’s helmet!

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elipson planet l on stand test opinion bluetooth connected design speaker

Elipson Planet L

Devialet Phantom: my bluetooth design speaker

As I told you, this is the model I chose. For Made in France, but above all for the aesthetics of the product. On the other hand, it is not the sale price that convinced me. We are far from good value for money but I do not regret my purchase at all.

Initially, we had placed it on the ground. But with the arrival of the dog we needed to roost her a bit. And this is one of the strong points of the French manufacturer’s loudspeaker: of course you can place it on a piece of furniture, but there are also two feet to raise your loudspeaker. There is also a system for fixing it to the walls.

Devialet Treepod test decoration modern scandinavian house green plant audio equipment board

Phantom devialet

The old vintage retro radio

If you are looking for a unique piece and love retro design, this nugget is for you. It is not about copying an aesthetic or a vintage style. The container is vintage. On the other hand, it contains the technology of Focal. Papi’s radio, the TSF from the 30s to the 60s, finds a new youth. Indeed, Arthur Verne buys them back to transform them into wireless speakers. His start-up, A. Absolutely Vintage Radios hijack the old family posts. If you had inherited an old radio that currently decorates your apartment, know that it could even work … with Spotify!

absolutely vintage radio opinion vintage speaker focal test - blog déco - clem around the corner

You will find unique and absolutely vintage speakers on Son-Vidéo between € 399 and € 799.

Bang & Olufsen A9 MK3 : Danish design at the service of our decor

The Danes no longer really need to demonstrate their legitimacy in terms of interior design. But here again, they prove that it is easy to combine decoration and sound performance. The Bang & Olufsen A9 MK3 speaker is a real piece of furniture that allows you to synchronize the sound in the house.

Øivind Alexander Slaatto, the designer behind this creation speaks of a timeless object. Indeed, with its elegance, I think that this speaker will travel the years and will blend in with any style of decoration.

round circular bluetooth design speaker bang & Olufsen A9 mk3 review

Bang & Olufsen A9 MK3

Bluetooth design speaker and mood light: Yamaha Relit LSX-170

Welcome to the small wireless Yamaha Relit LSX-170 speaker which, in addition to playing our favorite song, welcomes it with a soft light. Indeed, it incorporates an LED bulb which diffuses a light through a micro-perforated metal grid.

Yamaha Relit LSX bright bluetooth design comparative speaker

Yamaha Relit LSX-170

So which is your favorite?

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