Blur effect!

Blur effect!

The primer is already one of my essentials for makeup – especially for parties and events. In addition to standardizing the skin and helping to fix the make-up, the so-called blur effect is now on the rise! The name “blur” comes from Photoshop, that blur tool that helps to reduce imperfections ?

effect-blur-products-beauty-danielle-noce-01 Picture – Ishaya Organics

This type of product almost always has an instant effect that helps to diminish the appearance of pores and make the skin finish more matte. Incredible, right? The velvety touch is due to the silicone present in the formula – that is why the product is not very recommended for super oily skin.
Despite the silicone, the products are very good and leave the skin like silk!

effect-blur-products-beauty-danielle-noce-0 Picture – Kiehls NYC

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