Body frustration in everyday life These 5 habits will help you gain weight

Body frustration in everyday life These 5 habits will help you gain weight

If the pounds just don’t want to drop, you should take a look at your everyday habits. Because there are numerous extra calories hidden here …

You go to sport almost every day, pay attention to calories, fat content, etc. at every meal. Actually, the leftover Christmas kilos should go away on their own. Then why is the opposite the case? With every step on the scale, the displayed number increases. The reason for this is hidden in your everyday life. Even if it’s hard to believe it, these habits will make you gain weight.

More sleep, less TV

Stress at work, chaos at home. And then you want to do something with friends. How can you get enough sleep then? Take your time and rather cancel an episode of your favorite series. This is beneficial in two respects. Because if you sleep less than 7.5 hours a night, the production of hunger hormones is favored and hunger attacks are triggered. With more sleep, however, you can control yourself better and eat more healthily. Second, watching TV too much increases the risk of becoming overweight. In a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists observed 50,000 women over six years. If they sat in front of TV for more than two hours a day, the risk of obesity increased by 23 percent. Constant television is said to increase the appetite for high-calorie foods.

Gaining weight when going out

Experts advise not to eat out more than once a week. Because, according to a US study, whoever eats in a restaurant is consuming an average of 200 more calories. The portions on the plate are often larger and contain more calories. But not only the food, but also the drink hits your hips. The temptation is high to treat yourself to an after-work drink after the strenuous work. But alcohol is very rich and makes you hungry. So grab a non-alcoholic drink more often or meet your friends right at home where you cook together.

The number 1 rule is: take your time with your meal! Those who watch TV or browse the Internet on the side eat more. Because when you are distracted, you do not even notice how much food you are consuming.

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