Bold mix for youtubers party on vidcon!

Bold mix for youtubers party on vidcon!

My party looks always have a very special touch, after all it is not always that we have the opportunity to use more daring pieces ? For the last youtubers party on vidcon, I bet on a mix of super different and fun prints: floral with stripes!
You know that I love prints and I already had my phase in love with flowers and prints more feminine – I even commented on the Tag Analyzing Old Looks ? I used so much, but so much this style of clothing that I was even a little sick. However, when I saw this super different shirt I immediately fell in love!
Despite being a very explicit floral, the print has a more modern feel due to the colors and straight lines. If you look closely, the flowers are geometric and that makes all the difference in the final result.
A shirt as impressive as this one needed a complement to match, right? A black skirt would be very obvious and that’s why I chose a thick, super modern print. What made the look work was the color palette, see? I even made a post here on the blog told how I do to mix prints and one of the most precious tips is to repeat the colors in the two (or more) patterned pieces. In this case, the skirt just doesn’t have the blue of the shirt – but the red, black and white appear very strongly aparecem
As the clothes already attracted a lot of attention, nothing better than taking the accessories lighter. The shiny black bag was perfect for an evening event as it has a touch glam but it remains very neutral. I also chose to wear few jewels – as the shirt covered my lap and wrists, I invested in a delicate mix of rings!
Of course, I wouldn’t stop talking about that big hair! At that time, I had put on an application because I love hair with volume. However, I did not adapt with the strands so long and for that very reason I decided to do a little hairstyle at the time. Today, I continue with the application to make my hair fuller, but I had to remove a little of the length that bothered me.
Tell me what you think of this most striking look here in the comments! I think it’s super valid to play with colors and prints on these occasions, see? I hope you get inspired by the production to enjoy the weekend ?

  1. Shirt and skirt | Reinaldo Lourenço
  2. Shoe | Arezzo
  3. Bag | Serpui
  4. Jewels | Julia Blini

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