Bonjour Monde! – Introduction

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Very first words of Clem Around The Corner, very first sentence of this decoration blog. This introduction, I hope so, sets the words of a new and beautiful adventure for me.

Bonjour Monde! Clem Around The Corner, decoration, DIY and design blog is launching!

I begin the blog with an introduction which aims to show you my desire to accompany you in the quest for an interior that resembles us and in which it is pleasant for us to live.

Be at home

For some, a house is a roof on four walls.

For others, it’s a 30-year loan, pasta at the end of the month and water damage.

Is having a nice, big apartment so important?

A couple of friends bought a nice Parisian apartment a few months ago. I asked them when the wedding would be. Finally, generally indebted over 25 years, were they not already too much very committed?

Their answer, unanimous, “we prefer an extra room”.

What the Google friend says:

– Average price of a wedding in France: € 14,835

– Average price per m2 in Paris: € 8,100

A wedding or a broom closet, indeed, the question arises!

But in this m2 challenge what remains the priority is beauty, practicality and comfort.

Whether you see this living space as a place of reception or meditation, the essential remains the same: to feel good there.

In short I hope to reach on this blog to convince you that I have taste and that I am a stylish girl give you great ideas to make your home as perfect as in an IKEA simulation of “How to Live with Six in 40 Square Meters”.

Welcome to Clem Around The Corner!

The role of the decoration blog Clem Around The Corner

You now know a little more about me and my real estate investor friends!

But this introductory page also has a goal: to serve as a guideline, to remind me of the mission that I have given myself. Indeed, the objective of this decoration blog is to accompany you so that you can find the products, the furniture, the style of decoration perfectly adapted to you: your tastes, your needs, your desires. Because it is essential to feel good at home. The house, his apartment must be comforting, welcoming and comfortable. I am then convinced that good interior architecture, carefully selected furniture, refined decor are the keys to success.

So, I hope to take you far and for a long time. You share tips, make you discover and dream too. Together, let’s create your tailor-made interior.

Introduction Clem Around The Corner
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