Book author defends herself against hatred of fatness how i

Book author defends herself against hatred of fatness “How I learned to be fat and happy”

Magda Albrecht has no idea how much she weighs. 90 kilos? 120? “I don’t care at all,” says the 31-year-old author, who tells in her book “Fa

What do you think when you look in the mirror?

I see a funny, fat, red-haired and quick-witted woman who looks fluffy, soft and cool.

… and is in a figure-hugging dress that doesn’t hide a gram.

Right. What for? I have no problem with my figure. Who makes a problem out of it is society. It quickly means: You are brave! Just because you deviate from the norm …

Does that offend you?

Sure, but I don’t feel as powerless today as I used to. My weight has always played a big role in other people. Whenever I went to the doctor with the flu, he advised me to lose weight first. As if a cold is going away from it. Acquaintances recommended diet camps to me without asking, while friends were always discussing healthy eating at lunch. And in boutiques shop assistants liked to turn up their noses. At some point I understood that the problem is not my body, but society, which submits to terrible body norms and divides everything into beautiful and not beautiful. That’s when I stopped looking for mistakes only in myself.

Can you learn that?

At least a bit. It is a long learning process to develop a mild and loving attitude towards your own body. I made two things clear to myself, firstly: I don’t want to be slim at all! Second, I am good enough the way I am. These findings made my life extremely easy. Because this attitude leads to the fact that one no longer doubts oneself, but analyzes the behavior of others and classifies their rejection for oneself. Our society is hostile to fat. But that’s your problem, I don’t have to go along with that.

Are fat people discriminated against?

Yes, because they are constantly being evaluated. Anyone who is fat is automatically considered unattractive, lazy, unsporting and undisciplined. The other day two young men were discussing loudly behind me on Alexanderplatz in Berlin whether I was fat or sweet. As if they are mutually exclusive.

Do you have an ideal of beauty yourself?

For me there is no such thing as one ideal body, no. As a teenager, I went through all this diet frenzy to fit into this social norm. But at some point I wanted to free myself from the spiral: Why keep starving yourself ten pounds and then gain twelve pounds? I would have to fight all my life and yet I would never be slim. I just didn’t want to chase an ideal of beauty any longer that cost me my happiness and self-love. Today my goal is to eat a balanced diet and pay attention to what is good for me.

… and accepting yourself as you are?

Of course, I know I have a double chin, stomach, and thick thighs. I get angry about it on bad days. But are slim people happier? Or don’t they like to complain about their supposed weak points?


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That’s true. Maybe even worse than fat people …

Yes, because they definitely don’t want to get fat. Because only slim people are considered good, lovable and successful people. Fat people, on the other hand, are second-class people, who are primarily to blame for it.

Well, we decide our own diet, right?

Many believe that anyone can be slim if they just want to. But there are many other factors that influence our body: our social , age, what work we do, psychological and genetic aspects. Our diet is not the only decisive factor here.

… also the movement.

I was a sporty kid, I swam, played tennis, took karate lessons. Until I realized that I am different, that I deviate from the physical norm. There were no fancy sportswear in XL, it was more about competition than having fun in movement. As a child, however, you need praise and success to be motivated to continue. At some point I retired from sports and found my place in music. Suddenly I got positive attention here. I only started again with the sport much later. Today I do aqua fitness regularly.

Would you lose weight out of love?

No way. It is a long way to feel good about yourself and to stand behind a body that others do not find beautiful. You need a partner and friends to support you. And I found this happiness. And I realized: the less I try to please others, the more I feel how many people like me for who I am.

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