Books and Wine – Mother’s Day Gift!

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With Mother’s Day coming up, I was thinking of a special article for them. I thought of light wines, pairings with a special dish … But suddenly something totally different came to me: a list of books that talk about wines! I don’t know if it would be the perfect gift for all moms, but if there is a mother out there who looks just a little bit like me, I’m sure the gift will please! Even more if the book comes with a beautiful bottle of wine … lol
So here are some interesting titles, with an affordable value, and a brief description of the content of each one.
1. One Wine – Évelyne Malnic, Odile Pontillo. From R $ 24.90 on the internet.
This is a very cool book, light to read, with 70 labels with matching tips! The coolest thing about it, is that the authors harmonize different wines from the entrance to the dessert! I think in terms of cost benefit it is a good gift! ?
2. Wine for Dummies: Making Everything Easier! – Ed Mccarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan. From R $ 16.00 on the internet.
I won’t say that it was one of my favorites, but it is a very basic book, for those who are really at the beginning of wine appreciation …
3. Argentine wine – Laura Catena. From R $ 63.00 on the internet.
This book is adorable! For those who like wines, especially the wonderful Malbec, and who enjoy traveling together with the author! Laura Catena is one of the biggest Malbec producers and, in my opinion, produces the best Malbec I have ever had! I think this is worth the investment a little higher!
4. World Wine Atlas – Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson. From R $ 72.00 on the internet.
This is my bedside book, but mmmm don’t expect to find any matching tips. It is a very technical book, which tells the story of wines, grapes, the entire geography of wineries, etc. It is a fantastic book, but, as I said earlier, quite technical! The cool thing about it, is that the authors do not only address more traditional wines and producers, but wines from all over the world!
5. Wines, the essentials – José Ivan dos Santos. From R $ 59.42 on the internet.
This is a very didactic book, exactly for those who are starting on the subject. In it, the author brings information about the main wines and producers in South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil).
6. Food and Wine. Essential Harmonization – José Ivan Santos. From R $ 41.90 on the internet.
By the same author as the book above, this one already brings information about the harmonization between wines and foods. But the author was careful not to create an idea of ​​harmonization “rules”… He only works with ideas, textures, and aromas! It’s a really nice book to read ?
wine-books-gabrielle-assafsource: gabrielle Assaf

And that’s it folks, there are many other books out there on the subject. In this selection I chose some of the best selling and most accessible, not only financially, but also with a more relaxed and light, less technical reading! Now choose one of them, buy a good bottle of wine, make a nice package and a card with a beautiful statement for the most important person in this world: your mother!

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