Books in every corner

Books in every corner

I think everyone has someone who loves books at home. These compulsive readers love to have several copies printed everywhere, right? Why not take advantage of this amount of books and fill some shelves around the house?


Picture – Feedly

Corridors, walls, cabinets, sideboards … Everything can become the perfect corner to accommodate some specimens! I think that in addition to making the decoration more cozy and homey, the scattered books give a unique touch to the environment – each one brings a story and shows a little bit of the person who lives there.


Photos – Simple Decoration | Top Inspired | Copy and Paste | PopSugar | Annixen | The Design Files

There is no use appearing with excuses for not having spaces. The bookcases can go to the top of the bed, on the side of the table, in niches, in poorly used corners of the house … I’m sure that some of these references will help you think of a practical and beautiful solution to store your favorite works!

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