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Brazilian cuisine is growing. Gavin Mcowan, from The Guardian, wrote an article about the news that Brazilian restaurants are bringing to the country and the world.
It is not surprising that the recognition was made by the Restaurant Magazine, organizer of the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Mcowan visited the two placed here, SUN, by Alex Atala (6th place) and Mani, by Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redono (46th in the ranking). Both award-winning spaces are located in São Paulo and have Brazilian ingredients on their menus.
Yeah. It seems strange to us, right? “How is it going to get a world class restaurant with jaboticaba?” Jabuticaba, yes. And cassava, and beans, honey. The justification is simple. Why try to achieve the feats of European gastronomy with ingredients other than ours? To revere the unpublished raw materials that Brazil provides us is an attitude worthy of applause. Liked it. And Mcowan too.
Our kitchen is entering the Bossa Nova movement, as the food critic at Folha, Josimar Melo, said. When renewing Brazilian music in the late 50’s, combining a gringa beat, jazz, at a local rhythm, samba, Bossa Nova was born and brought Brazil together. Josimar explains: “A new generation of chefs is not limited to copying foreign influences; instead, they are applying European techniques to Brazilian ingredients. ”
Something tells me that Cozinha Bossa & Malagueta is on the right track! Do you agree? ?
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