Boston’s 8 Best Parks and Gardens

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

To discover a destination in the United States little explored by Brazilians, how about going to Boston? The city is approximately 350 km away from New York and offers great walks. Because it is not very big, you can get to know a good part of the tourist spots by spending a few days there.
Many people end up visiting Boston because of Harvard, but the region has much more to offer. Parks and gardens, for example, are perfect for enjoying sunny days and walking in a green area to relax. In addition to rendering beautiful photos, it is always good for our health to walk in wooded places ?

Boston Common

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

Photo: @tanglx

Located right in the center of the city, hardly a tourist leaves Boston without having seen Boston Common. It is the oldest municipal park in the country, so imagine how much history these gardens keep! Between the 17th and 18th centuries, for example, it was used as a meeting place for conversations and meetings.
Nowadays it remains very frequented by groups of friends and tourists. Ah, those who go for a walk there with children can take advantage of the local playground to spend some fun time with the little ones.

The public garden

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

Photo: @igboston

Right next to the Boston Common is The Public Garden, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. The area is small, but super quiet and not so busy. Part of the trails is right by the park’s lake, forming a wonderful landscape.
In summer and spring, flowers transform the scenery and make the city colorful. Another incredible time to visit the park is in the fall, when all the trees turn orange. You can be sure that you will feel inside a movie!

Back Bay Fens

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

Photo: @ericavanstry

Another place that cannot be left out of your itinerary is the Back Bay Fens. It is a five-minute drive from the Back Bay Fens, so take advantage of the fact that you will be in that region to do the same day tours.
One of the most interesting facts about the place is that they have the “Victory Garden”. It is a small garden planted in 1941 during World War II so that people in that area could harvest fruits and vegetables. If you are there, be sure to get to know this little piece of history ?

Charles River Esplanade

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

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Between the Public Garden and the Back Bay Fens is the Charles River Esplanade, right on the Charles River. To spend a very tasty evening, this is one of the best places. Many people come together to watch the sunset, have a picnic or just walk and walk. It is a very beautiful and well-preserved part of the city – worth visiting.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

Photo: @noe_carranza

Although it is a small park, the Rose Kennedy Greenway is nonetheless interesting. It’s nice to meet you, especially if you plan to go to the “Fort Point” region. You can reach this side of the city on foot, with just a 10-minute walk from the Rose Kennedy.
The park itself is full of fountains, smaller gardens, entertainment areas and even some art exhibitions depending on the time of year. Some food trucks also end up staying there when the movement is bigger!

Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

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One of Harvard’s gardens is not in the most popular area of ​​the campus, but close to the Forest Hills subway station. This area is further away from downtown Boston, so just add it to your itinerary if you are willing to go to a more remote area just to see a park.
It is mainly dedicated to conserving some species of plants. If you like to know different flowers, this is a good tour. Because it is free, it can be a great option for those who want to save money.

Harvard Yard

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

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Impossible to talk about Boston without mentioning a walk through Harvard, right? As not all of us are lucky and have the opportunity to study in a place like this, we can be content with just visiting the university campus and garden.
The park is praised mainly for being quiet and well maintained, perfect for those who don’t like super busy and very noisy places, you know? Plus, you can feel like you’re in an American movie scene as you walk through the garden ?

Kelleher Rose Garden

Boston's 8 Best Parks and Gardens

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Another must-see garden in Boston is the Kelleher Rose Garden. It is inside the Back Bay Fens, but it is not a very busy and well-known part. As the park is quite large, try to set aside at least one morning to get to know it calmly. It is full of small attractions and meaningful stops.
Many green areas to visit in Boston, right? To kill your hunger by eating a snack during the tours, be sure to take a look at the post with suggestions for cafes and bakeries around the city ?

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