Bouchon Bakery and the American Cake – NY

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On the last walk of my ant trail, besides savoring Sprinkles cupcakes, I was soaked that I caught a cold. But what really enchanted me – feel the irony – with myself was my cleverness in not using something very common and useful these days: weather forecast.
Nothing like learning from mistakes. Another sunny day was born, along with the desire to discover new sweet paths. I prepare the camera, the dress, check the weather forecast and still carry the umbrella – because we never know when São Pedro changes its mind. Now, let’s go!
This, without a doubt, was one of the most beautiful days I have seen here. What inspired me to inspire you to have a picnic at Central park. After all, this is a tourist spot that you need to “try”: walk between the trails, breathe the light air of the park, rest under a shade and see all this mix of people. To sweeten this moment, I still have a good tip. Why not try the French sweets from Bouchon Bakery?
One of its branches is directly opposite the most touristy entrance to Central Park: Columbus Circle. Exactly at the Time Warner Center.
With a considerable queue already in the morning, I was even more curious to try these delights. My first choice was the simple crossaint ($ 3) with a slice of carrot cake ($ 3.5) – that American. A very Brazilian breakfast combination, except for the small differences, as it is our bread and cake.
Remember that I commented on the american carrot cake and the Brazilian? Now is the time to comment on your differences. The American version is surprising for its extremely moist dough, for its cream cheese topping, which is a combination with the bean and rice à la carte, and especially for the richness of its flavor. That’s because she takes a mixture of spices called “mixed spice”, Which comprises cinnamon, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, cloves, coriander and powdered ginger. Of course, each confectioner adjusts it to his taste, but this is the very traditional one.
Now the time has come for breakfast dessert – this is the newest stage of this meal and welcome to enjoy it. I tried the Chocolate Tartelette ($ 7.5) which, according to the bakery staff, is the most desired candy. She is a beautiful beauty, an impeccable finish to make any confectioner jealous. It is basically composed of a chocolate goddess mousse and a crunchy base, which sinned because it was not too crunchy. Even so, my happiness for your choice did not diminish.

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