Boxer Braid and its variations

Boxer Braid and its variations

Who thinks the trançthe most romantic hairstyles are very wrong. The trançthe boxer, better known as “boxer braid”, has been gaining supporters!

boxer-braids-braids-of-boxers-beauty-danielle-noce-0 This Cluttered Mind

The hairstyle has been used for a long time by sportsmen, but has gained even more notoriety in recent times – especially after the Kardashians adopted the look!

boxer-braids-braids-of-boxers-beauty-danielle-noce-01 Photo 1 – Fashion Radar / Photo 2 – Claudia Bartelle

The look is super modern! This sportier footprint is perfect for an everyday look, much more urban. Also, it’s good to have one more opçhairstyle with braidças – you know how I love it, right?
Who already knows how to do trançthe inlaid ones will have no problems when it comes to betting on the look. If you can’t, I’m sure that a relative or friend loves to do the hairstyle – peçwithout fear, see?
Want to bet on a more unusual look? There are already many variçhairstyles around: loose, fishbone, weight, with bun, zigzag… Look how many references!

boxer-braids-of-boxer-braids-beauty-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Pinterest, Heather Chapman Hair, Brydie, Icing with Pepper, The Blond Salad and Getty Images

So, what are you waiting for to adopt the look?

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