Boxes and more boxes
Boxes and more boxes

Boxes and more boxes

Organization is one of my strengths! I like to separate documents, accounts and contracts, after all we will always need to find them in the middle of the paperwork, right? Boxes are excellent options to leave everything in place, as they not only help to organize the space, but can also complement the decor of the environment.

boxes-in-decoration-danielle-noce-0 Picture – made by girl

Using them in offices, bookcases and bedrooms are always great ideas. You can buy coated, colored and printed models to make the decor even cooler:

boxes-in-decorating-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Scrapbook | Adrielly Sato Pinterest | Fashionismo | Tatertots and gelatine | Style Caster

Using your imagination and customizing an old box can be more affordable, right? In addition, you will still be recycling a packaging that would likely end up in the trash. Of course it is much simpler to buy a ready-made model and that is exactly why I selected some super cute pieces to help you organize and decorate the house ?

Where to buy?


  1. However Decor | R $ 116.00
  2. Valentina’s house | R $ 56.90
  3. Kalunga | R $ 14.90
  4. Kalunga | R $ 59.90
  5. Leroy Merlin | R $ 29.90

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