Brazilian sweets: the 9 best recipes to make now
Brazilian sweets the 9 best recipes to make now

Brazilian sweets: the 9 best recipes to make now

If there’s one thing our country knows how to do well, it’s food. As much as we like to try delicacies from many cultures, ours is full of many sweet recipes that warm and please our hearts. Remember that food is also affection and not by chance we love a nostalgic sweetie that awakens the best memories ?
Many of them are definitely typical from Brazil for a long time, with ingredients that were already used even before colonization. Others are part of another period, with the arrival of the Portuguese and other peoples – but of course they were readapted by us and today they are more successful here than there. Check the list we prepared with 9 Brazilian sweets to test now.


Yes, the title of the invention of Brigadeiro it’s ours! They have been around for a long time and it was created around here. Believe me: in their original version, they had eggs in the recipe. Today, the preparation is even more practical: condensed milk, chocolate and butter. Ah, there are soooo many variations, this post has 19 versions, enjoy!
Complete recipes here.

Italian straw

You read that right, Italian straw it is Brazilian and the proof is that there is no straw in Italy. The recipe was created here by uniting the brigadeiro with the cornstarch biscuit.
Complete recipe here.


This one has that taste of grandma’s house, doesn’t it? THE Quindim it is a classic and makes anyone’s mouth water. Can you imagine a giant version of it? Let’s agree that this is also very Brazilian.
Complete recipe here.

Peanut candy

THE peanut candy it is a historical heritage of Brazil, mainly during the June festival season, with lots of delicious food. In this post below there are some recipes: from the most classic to a creamy paçoquinha ?
Complete recipes here.

Boy’s foot

Still in the June climate, there could be no lack of kid’s foot! It’s a classic that we buy anywhere, but it’s very easy to do. The best thing is that in the homemade recipe you can make the candy a little softer – if you prefer. In the recipe we explain you right ?
Complete recipe here.

Canjica or Mungunzá

Very common in winter, this is a great way to warm up the body and heart. Ah, there are places they call hominy and others mungunzá. In any case, the fact is that the recipe is simple and wonderful!
Complete recipe here.

Ah, here is a very easy version made with dulce de leche: the perfect union!
Complete recipe here.

Pumpkin candy

We have already talked about recipes from the crowd, other juninas and now is the time for recipes that really tell a lot of history. It is very common to remember pumpkin candy done at the home of a relative, right? Just remembering it already makes your mouth water – and this version with coconut is simply deicious!
There’s the creamy version with coconut here.

And the syrup version here.

Tapioca recipes

Here it is not really about sweets, but about an ingredient that has been consumed long before all these people arrived here. The indigenous people already have the tradition of consuming Tapioca for a long time and for that reason this ingredient deserves a lot of respect ?
In addition to the classic tapioca or crepioca, we separate 3 sweets with tapioca here.

Balanced Chick OR Manezinho Araújo

Finally, the Balanced Chico or Manezinho Araújo, It depends on the region. It is a little known candy in some regions of the country, but a true phenomenon in southern Brazil. It is served on a platter and has a lot of creaminess! You already wanted, right?
Complete recipe here.

So, what Brazilian candy are you going to make today?

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