Breast cancer screening This is why you should have a mammogram in good time

Breast cancer screening This is why you should have a mammogram in good time

With 70,000 new cases per year – this corresponds to around 30 percent of all reported cancer cases – breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in Germany. Detected early, but often the worst can be prevented.

Breast Cancer – Causes and Risks

If a doctor diagnoses breast cancer, 99 out of 100 patients will be a woman. The main reason for this is the profound changes that the female breast undergoes in the course of a person’s life. Starting with puberty and the first period through the fertile period up to the menopause, the body thoroughly restructures the breast several times. Cells can mutate and be copied incorrectly, the result is cancer.

However, the development of the disease is favored by numerous others Risk factorsthat you yourself have more or less influence on. This includes:

  • An early onset of the first period

  • A late onset of menopause

  • Hormone therapy during and after the menopause

  • The first child over 30 years of age

  • Childlessness

  • Smoke

  • Obesity

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Excessive alcohol consumption

  • An age over 50 years

  • A genetic predisposition

A healthy lifestyle, exercise and a sensible diet can therefore help prevent the deadly disease; But you cannot completely protect yourself through it. Does breast cancer actually form in your breast? it is important that it is discovered early. Breast cancer screening such as mammography helps here.

Palpation examinations and mammography – from when?

When and how breast cancer screening works best depends primarily on your age.

For all women

Palpate your own chest once a month – preferably right after your period ends. If you discover a noticeable change, for example the size and shape of your breast has changed noticeably, the breasts are no longer at the same height as they were during your last examination, the color of your nipples has changed or you even feel a lump, then it is Time to see your gynecologist.

Women from 30

There is an early cancer detection program in Germany for all women over 30. Once a year you go to yours Gynecologist for palpation examination in front. This is similar in its process to the self-examination, but the experienced hands of a doctor are used here. The cost of this Breast cancer screening your health insurance will take over.

Women over 50

If you have already reached the age of 50 and thus belong to the risk group for breast cancer, your health insurance will pay you a mammogram every two years. A few months after your 50th birthday you will even receive a personal invitation.

Doctors understand a mammography to be a Chest x-ray. Any changes can be seen safely and reliably on the pictures. If your doctor finds signs of a possible cancer, they usually do a biopsy. This means that a small tissue sample will be taken from you on an outpatient basis and examined in a laboratory. If you regularly take advantage of the mammography offer, you are of course not safe from breast cancer. However can if necessary, the necessary treatment can be started quickly, because with cancer, every day counts when in doubt.

Women with a genetic predisposition

If your close relatives have already developed breast cancer, your body may be genetically predisposed to develop breast cancer as well. If this is suspected, you have Right to a genetic test. There are specialized centers for this all over the republic that can analyze your gene code. You can find an overview of this on the website of the German Cancer Aid.
If you are actually one of those people with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, you can do it comprehensive breast cancer screening program too. This includes a six-monthly detailed palpation examination by your gynecologist, a annual mammography, at the latest from your thirty-fifth year of life and an MRI scan if the mammography does not provide clear results.

You see that Breast cancer screening is your greatest protection against a complicated and possibly fatal cancer. If you take your opportunities, you are not only doing yourself a favor, but all those to whom you are important.

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