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In a day-to-day gastronomy photo, it is super important to start a photo session with a good briefing. But what is a briefing?
The briefing is a kind of script of what the client wants. If this is done well, it will greatly facilitate the production of food photos made for advertising. Usually, when I participate in the development of advertising campaigns, I receive the client’s briefing specifying how he expects the work to be done and what is the expectation regarding the final result.
The more specific the briefing, the easier the development of the work of the producer / foodstylist and, consequently, the easier it is to reach customer expectations. Let’s take the example of this salmon tartar. First, I roughly outlined how I wanted my tartar. This is an important step for us to see what result we want to achieve.
briefing foodstyling1
After this step, I usually list the ingredients that I will use in the recipe. If you are going to show the ingredients, I also like to choose the production and the background on which they will be clicked.
briefing foodstyling2
After the dish is assembled, I usually vary the production to see which bottom and which scenario works best with the dish in question. Look what a difference this case made, the tartar on a more rustic, wooden background, and the same tartar on the black background.
briefing foodstyling4
briefing foodstyling3
Which do you prefer?

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