Brigadeiro Bakery and the start of Trilha da Formiga – NY

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They say that ants love sugar. This is a fact: ants like sugar. After all, they eat, steal, take possession of other people’s sweets. Probably your sweet! But biologists say that ants actually use their sweet to feed some fungi that live with it … Science has taken all the fun out of life now. Can I still use the poetic license and say that I am an ant?
Hello, pleasure, my name is Mia and I’m an ant when it comes to eating someone else’s candy, yours or mine. The point is: I will always be eating sweets. Eating sweets makes my life super happy, fat and electrifying. But only mine. Sad. Then I thought: “there are so many sweets that I eat in this life, why not tell me a little about them and how did I get to them?” I thought it was a good idea and when it comes to a person who lives in New York it gets more interesting.
Yeah, I currently live in the suburbs of New York and decided to share those moments with you. It has become a trail, an ant trail that you can follow and make your mouth water and want to visit this incredible city. But you always have the option to go there and make a brigadeiro, so you don’t feel like everything!
brigadeiro-bakery-gastronomic-itineraries-ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd -1
Brigadeiro, by the way, is a good option because it is about him that we will talk about in this very first post. Going against the proposal of the ant trail – going through the streets of New York with no predefined destination and being guided by the surprise factor – as soon as I got here only one song came to mind: “I just want chocolate”. And it was with this longing that I met Brigadeiro Bakery.
brigadeiro-bakery-gastronomic-itineraries-ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd -2
Knowing exactly what I was looking for, Brigadeiro Bakery, even so, surprised me by the modern and charming bakery that it proposes to be. Recently opened, in December 2014, the space is a realization of two Brazilian women who believed in the potential of our famous sweet. Today, they sweeten Brazilian hearts in NYC and win over American customers for their quality. The coolest thing about this whole story is to explain to a non-Brazilian what a brigadier would be.
brigadeiro-bakery-gastronomic-itineraries-ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd -3
After all, what is a brigadier? … TIME! Yeah, brigadier is brigadier. But, somehow we need to explain – in words, please – what this sweet is, and I had the funny opportunity to accompany Mariana Memoria – one of the members of the Bakery – explaining it to a client. In close words, she said, we can call them Brazilian truffle or a candy that comes close to the caramel but much more, much more creamy!
Located at 156 Sullivan St, more precisely, the space offers much more than brigadeiros; cheese and ham snacks and cheese bread are also on the menu. I tried some flavors that are the flagship of the house, among them pistachio, casadinho, coffee, honey with laminated almonds, lemon and the traditional – after all, brigadeiro is still brigadeiro. I am afraid to say that they are delicious and the pistachio stole my heart. The best of all is the flavor of the traditional and homemade childhood party. Delicious feeling for a homesick belly.
brigadeiro-bakery-gastronomic-itineraries-ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd -5
To fill the Brazilian love belly a little bit more, I tried the carrot cake cupcake with guess what… brigadeiro! Sorry, pistachio brigadeiro, but after this one my heart has another owner. The cake is light, tasty and sweet in the right measure. Um .. nothing like a Brazilian carrot cake.
brigadeiro-bakery-gastronomic-itineraries-ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd -7
Brazilian? In fact, this cake is very common in these parts too, I can find it at every corner, but similar ones only have carrots. I will activate my ant sensor to find a very tasty American carrot cake for you and explain this difference.
Meanwhile, I continue my wanderings around Soho… and the pot is mine, I scrape it!
brigadeiro-bakery-gastronomic-itineraries-ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd -9brigadeiro-bakery-gastronomic-itineraries-ny-camila-bezerra-ickfd -10

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