Chocolate Filling: 9 Ideas for very chocolaty cakes!
Chocolate filling 9 ideas for very chocolaty cakes

Brigadeiro Cake: 3 Super Delicious and Chocolatudas Recipes

It is nothing new for anyone that Brazilians love a good brigadeiro. The passion is so great that we even feel a strangeness when we meet someone who is not a fan of the candy. I’m lying?
Today, we are here to speak especially to those who cannot live without the combination of condensed milk and chocolate. In addition to being consumed in its most traditional ball format, the candy yields wonderful cakes. Therefore, we have put together three versions of brigadeiro cake for you to make at home. Get ready to make your mouth water!


For those who love chocolatudas desserts, chocolate dough cake with filling and brigadeiro topping! This is that perfect birthday cake, so take care in the decoration and bet on colorful confectionery to make the dessert more cheerful, giving that one broken in the monochrome of brown.
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brigadeiro cake


Now, if you are a fan of quick sweets that do not even need to be unmolded, this is the perfect choice. The cake is super fluffy and wet since, in addition to the brigadeiro topping, it takes a chocolate syrup. Before serving, leave it in the fridge for a few minutes to make it even better ?
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brigadeiro iced cake


The brigadeiro naked cake is the ideal option for people who enjoy more contemporary presentations. The secret of this version is in the strawberries scattered throughout the filling and also in the decoration, giving a slight break in the sweetness of the chocolate.
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brigadeiro naked
Which of these is your favorite option? Here we like them all! Aah, and if you want to check out some family size brigadeiro recipe, just press here!

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