Brigadeiro Russo and Monumental Metro | St. Petersburg

Brigadeiro Russo and Monumental Metro |  St. Petersburg

Our first day exploring St. Petersburg started very early, after all, we have to make the most of the time traveling through a country as different as Russia. Paulo and I decided to have breakfast in one of the most traditional bakeries in the city, Volcheka. I confess that we were lost on the street until we found the correct address, but you can reveal these things at the beginning of the trip, right?
The atmosphere of Volcheka is cute and all the food in the showcase makes your mouth water. Even if you don’t understand anything on the signs, you can’t deny that everything looked very delicious! In order not to risk a very unusual flavor without knowing it, we used the Google Translate application, which, by the way, was a great ally throughout the trip.

Brigadeiro Russo and Monumental Metro | St. Petersburg

Photo: @_polistina_

Among all the traditional foods, we chose to try pirozhki and kartoshka. THE Pirozhki it is a kind of tart with a salty filling and our favorites were broccoli and cheese. Despite being served cold, the pasta was delicious: slightly sweet and very soft!
potatoes, nicknamed by us “Russian brigadier”, It’s super delicious and it’s already among the best sweets I’ve ever eaten, without exaggeration! It is not very sweet and the taste resembles a muffin, with a slight taste of rum. In the past, this dessert was made with leftover cakes and that is why it became so popular in Russia, since its preparation is easy and cheap. Paulo even tried to reproduce the kartoshka recipe on the channel, have you seen it?
Another sweet that caught our attention there was the
muraveinik. It is made with crushed biscuit mixed with caramel and its shape is somewhat reminiscent of our beloved coxinha. We ended up not proving it, but I believe it is as good as kartoshka – maybe by the end of the trip he will appear on another vlog ?
After this wonderful breakfast, we continue on our way towards the
St. Petersburg subway. The seasons are monumental and every detail has a meaning. The decoration made up of mosaics, crystals and sculptures reflects all the grandeur of the historic period when the subway was created there.
Brigadeiro Russo and Monumental Metro | St. Petersburg
We were also impressed by the depth of the seasons. They were built well below the ground to function as
anti bomb bomb shelter if necessary. Getting off at each of the stops is a very interesting tour and I highly recommend it to you. To use the subway, just buy the card or the classic coins, which only exist in St. Petersburg. Each ticket costs 45 rubles, plus or minus 4 reais.
And if public transport has already surprised us, you can’t imagine what we think of street food. Anyone who goes to St. Petersburg cannot fail to taste at least one Purchase from the Web Teremok. The brand has more than 3 units throughout the city, so there is no excuse for not going to one of them. The blini is nothing more than a russian pancake with super varied fillings. I ordered mine with cream and Paulo with red caviar! Light, soft, delicious… I want more!

Brigadeiro Russo and Monumental Metro | St. Petersburg

Photo: @paulocuenca

The neighborhood Avtovo it was another place we love to visit. The region is super historic, mainly because it was a war area. To give you an idea, bombs that were not detonated at the time of World War II are still found today!
Strolling around, we also found a great “street market”. The establishments they are all indoors because it is a very cold area (like the whole country, right?), so it is a different fair than what we are used to. We discovered a wonderful honey shop, with a huge variety of the product, which, incidentally, is a true national passion – try to try different types of it whenever you have the opportunity ?
If you want to see even more about all these places I mentioned in the post, just watch the vlog below. I’m sure you will find the city exciting!

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