Brigadeiros by Cousin's - São Paulo
Brigadeiros by cousins sao paulo

Brigadeiros by Cousin’s – São Paulo

I couldn’t wait to write this post about Brigadeiro by Cousin’s, one of my favorite places in São Paulo!
The confectionery, which started as a brigade, offers today the most beautiful sweets I have ever seen, all perfect in the smallest details. Many colors, chocolate, brigadeiro, macarons, flowers and gold powder. But the appearance is just a detail (and what a detail!) Of the delights that we find there.
To start, the brigadeiros are rolled when ordering, one more delicious than the other. Anyway, try the amaretto, the Swiss with champagne and the carrot cake (yum yum yum), my favorites. For those who like to innovate, the brigadeiro with olive oil and fleur de sel is absolutely incredible!
brigadeiros by cousinsbrigadeirosby cousins ​​6The chifon cake with brigadeiro is another wonderful experience, very light and with impeccable taste and appearance. I also love the brigadeiro eclair (so beautiful it makes me sorry to take the first bite!), And the wonderful 70% cocoa cake with fleur de sel, wonderful.
brigadeiros by cousins ​​6The most delicious part is that the store itself is already a delight (it was the scene of the teaser of the 2nd season of ICKFD, remember?), The service is impeccable and everything seems to be done to make you feel at the same time, at home and in Paris. It is also a great place to buy gifts, with super cute packaging.
brigadeiros by cousins3
brigadeiros by cousins2
Brigadeiros by cousin’s is located at 1371 Cardoso de Almeida Street, Perdizes – São Paulo.


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