Brigadier Dicunhada – SP

Brigadier Dicunhada - SP

Like many places I visit in São Paulo, I met Brigadeiro Dicunhada by the recommendation of a very dear person, but I ended up taking a long time to visit him. Now I stop and think: why did I take so long?
Do you know when they say that sometimes things have to go wrong for others to work? So, it was a path like this that took me to the candy store. I went to visit a cafe with a very different concept, to show something unusual here, but when I got there, I found out that they had closed – and not even to leave a warning on the site, but that’s okay. I stopped to think of a solution and remembered that indication. Without further ado, let’s go to what really matters.
Dicunhada looks like a doll’s house. All the decoration is done in pastel colors, with vintage details and a lot of delicacy. It makes you want to copy and paste it into your home decor.
They don’t have a menu, which at first I found a bit strange, but it makes perfect sense, since both savory pies and all sweets have a certain day to be served. It is very frustrating to see something delicious on the menu and it is not served on the day, right?
My mother came to keep me company. She loves sweets and charming places. As I still didn’t feel like having lunch, I went to eat dessert myself, but she wanted to order a salted heart of palm pie with salad (R $ 25.90). A delight. The pasta was very light, the filling was high and well seasoned, and a delicious salad, with mustard and honey dressing. The dish was so well served, that even with a little help from me she was unable to eat until the end.
To drink, I ordered a red fruit juice that I had never seen, by Joy brand (R $ 7.00). Very sour and refreshing.
The time to choose the candy was the most difficult. They leave beautiful cakes and brigadeiros, which make your mouth water. If I had two stomachs, I would try them all!
As I only have one stomach, I ended up ordering the cake filled with milk chocolate and white chocolate (R $ 15.00). I found the price a bit steep, but due to the size of the piece, you can easily share it with someone else.
The cake dough was very light, the kind that crumble in your mouth, you know? The filling was very dense and creamy. Very, very tasty! I shared it with my mother and we also couldn’t finish the piece, because in the end it ends up being a little sickening.
To taste one of the brigadeiros, I chose one that was of a different flavor (they have more than 60 flavors!). What made my eyes shine was the strawberry with champagne (R $ 4.00), served in a fluffy little heart. The taste of champagne is hardly noticeable, since the strawberry is quite striking – it even had a little piece of fruit in the middle.
Dicunhada also has simple cakes, such as cornmeal, carrots and chocolate, which have syrup prepared and served on the spot.
To present a loved one, they sell neat packaging options. I bet any woman would like to get such a little gift, even those on a diet.
In short, it was a great experience! I’m already thinking about ordering a cake for my birthday right there.
Address: Rua Emílio Mallet, 494 – Tatuapé
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 7pm
Sundays and holidays, from 1 pm to 6 pm
Telephone: (11) 2093 3167

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