Bright Outline: perfect to brighten your make up

Bright Outline: perfect to brighten your make up

Inspired by bright tones for the new year looks, I decided to look for more about a detail that makes all the difference in any makeup: the outlined. I confess that I am a fan of the classic black kitten and in variations you can do with it!
Bright Outline
And a way to make the outline even more striking is by using some product metal, be it silver or gold! It is a great option for parties and evening events, but can also be successful in making carnival. With all this great versatility, I separated some inspirations from outlined bright!


Bright Outline

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Using a golden detail to compose your makeup will make all the difference if you want to achieve a result totally illuminated. Plus, you’ll make your look even more Elegant and sophisticated. Gold can be present in different makeup items, but choosing an eyeliner to add that touch is a gold tip (literally).
Just by making a golden outline, you can already make the eye region stand out. To further complement, you can bet on a mask of eyelashes well pigmented or choose a version of false eyelashes of your preference.


Bright Outline
This version has a vibration good New Year’s Eve, mainly due to the silver that brings to the visual. This trend started in 2015 during the fashion shows Chanel and Dior in winter couture fashion week. Who has joined color since then?
To make a metallic outline is to make sure that your make-up will not go unnoticed, since it illuminates the look and leaves you with an air glamorous.
A great tip is to make a outlined double, first with a black line and give a metallic touch over it. You can play with this effect in several ways and use the combination to make a powerful look.


Bright Outline
Unlike the previous two options, choosing a color with shine to the outline of your makeup can bring a shade funny and stripped. Although not as glamorous as the silver and gold versions, this one is sure to draw a lot of attention in your make up.
You can choose to do the outline of virtually any color, just look for the option in eyeliner or pencil and mix with glitter to give even more shine! A really cool idea is to use neon colors or even mix two outlines, for example, the color with a metallic line. In addition, you can test multiple Sizes, thickness and shapes, you can play and have fun with it!
Comment here which of these outlined bright you liked it better and would definitely use it ?

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