Brightness in every corner

Brightness in every corner

Almost whenever I want a more impactful evening makeup, I bet on bright shadows. Despite being products that are more difficult to apply and not so versatile, the effect is incredible for parties, shows, ballads … As today is Friday and many people are going out at night, I decided to show you not only a way to use shine in makeup …

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Who caused it in the last few days was the wonderful Naomi Campbell with a red glittery mouthpiece at the VMA. I confess that I found the makeup somewhat daring, but the effect was incredible and super unusual! This look is cool for a more eventful Fun and even half fantasy, but those who like to cause can use even more cool parties – what matters is that you feel good ?
In addition to the flashy mouth, there are several other ways to use shine in the make: shadows, outlines, illuminators …

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You can bet on both brighter products as well as a loose glitter jar to make a little mix from time to time. The cool thing about all this is being able to dare more in makeup and get out of the sameness. As much as I love a more basic look, there are days when I need to get out of the box and try new things – are you like that too?

Where to find?


  1. Benefit at Sephora | R $ 143.00
  2. Urban decay at Sephora | R $ 125.00
  3. Vult na Beleza na Web | R $ 17.99
  4. MAC | R $ 139.00
  5. Dailus and Ikesaki | R $ 14.40

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