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No, I’m not going to talk about brownie as the title suggests. THE Brownieria is a chain of cafes with many options for snacks, even mini meals and, of course, sweets. Only brownies are about 13 flavors. To complete, pies, mousses, brigadeiros, cookies and more. It was the choice that a friend and I made for a break from shopping at the Metropolitano mall.
brownieria 2 nanda nunes ickfd
This time, I went for pie. That pink candy caught my attention and I couldn’t resist. THE chocoamora it is a very wet pie that starts with a chocolate brownie base, then comes a consistent layer of vanilla flavored cream, finally reaching the aerated blackberry souffle covered with chilled fruit syrup in pieces. It is a sweet measure, I did not find it cloying, and the different consistencies are a delicious experience on the palate. A great option for anyone who is a fan of red fruit sweets, see?
Wow, I think I liked it so much that I didn’t even offer a piece to her friend, oops! Bruna, sorry ?!

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