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I really like the idea of ​​being able to order sweets to receive at home, online stores save my life on super busy days! Today’s tip is from a place I love with passion: Casa Mantom, specializing in brownies.
American confectionery is undoubtedly my favorite: A lot of chocolate, cream, butter and sugar (hopefully my nutritionist doesn’t read this post!) But, of all the productions, brownies are by far my favorites. The ones at Casa Mantom are perfect, I never managed to come up with a recipe close to the one that Antônio Augusto Orsini created. Extremely soft and wet, all the flavors (yes, I tasted each of the 6 flavors – and I REALLY hope my nutritionist is reading a fitness blog and passes away from here hehe) are very good, makes you want to eat one of each per day.
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My absolute favorites are the dulce de leche and chocolate pieces, I have no words to describe how tasty they are. You can also order traditional, intense, nuts and port wine. The good news is that everyone is gluten free. The second good news is that brownies are sold at Santa Luzia, now!
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Brownies can be ordered by calling (11) 3791 – 7790 and (11) 2791 – 7780 or by email at [email protected] or[email protected]. The unit (of any flavor) costs R $ 4.20.

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