Bulbs and bulbs

Bulbs and bulbs

A house with adequate lighting is much more lively and cozy! There are a multitude of chandeliers and pendants to help you decorate the house and bring more light to the environment. Of course, I have my favorite: pendant lamps!

Picture – P Martino

I find this type of pendant with apparent wire very modern. The piece fits like a glove in houses with a modern or industrial decoration. No problem if your decor is more basic, it gets a different detail! You can also fearlessly invest in older models, with filaments (it’s super chic)!



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At my house I have a very light pink wire and a white lamp (first photo). I particularly like several pendants together, because you can tie and form a very modern chandelier or leave them in a row! The colorful models are super Fun and make any environment more fun and casual. You can compose with various wire shades, shapes and lamp sizes.
In addition, you can bet on a slightly cleaner and minimalist decor. To do this, just use a pendant on the side of the bed or above a side table. The environment remains basic, but with an unusual detail.



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The models with black threads are the most classic and can end up in any possible decoration – I’ve even seen them in bathrooms! I confess that if I were to choose a more classic one, I would bet on imitations of old lamps with filaments.
Of course, a giant lamp is not at all basic and looks perfect in a more modern and fun house (last photo)! Those who enjoy playing with formats, can bet on the most current lamp models, with a unique design (first photo). If you want to give a different touch, paint the lamp holder in gold or any other metallic tone.



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The most stripped-down way to place lamps scattered around the house is the light strings. I guarantee that if you play on Pinterest hundreds of references will appear. You can “cover” the lamps or use them in this more modern footprint!
Polka dots are very decorative, but look best when used as lamps, that is, a support for lighting. Models with exposed lamps, on the other hand, brighten up the room!
So, do you also like this type of piece?

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