BUNTE.de helps you lose weight Susanne wants to lose 10 kilos by her 50th birthday

BUNTE.de helps you lose weight Susanne wants to lose 10 kilos by her 50th birthday

Losing weight is often not as easy as it looks at the beginning, there are pitfalls everywhere. You can use any help. Marians Welt helps a reader to achieve her desired weight – that is her story.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin, getting fitter, fitting into your summer dress – there are many different reasons to lose a kilo or two. Regardless of whether it is five, ten or 20 kilos that should be removed, the way to get there is always difficult. That is why we at Marians Welt decided to support our readers in this. For this we have started a raffle exclusively for our Marians Welt Insiders. The winner will receive weight loss support for three months. Together we set the goal and plan a weight loss strategy. She receives a nutrition plan that is tailored to her personally. Through weekly discussions, we ensure that the plan fits and that the first successes are achieved.

The lucky winner is Susanne A. from Münster. She wants to lose ten pounds in order to feel fitter and healthier again. In addition, “I have two rolls of bacon on my stomach that I can do without,” she says with a laugh. To get through life lighter and more exhilarated – that is her great wish. Susanne will be 50 in 2021, by then the goal should be achieved. An interim goal is to be achieved in January: five kilos should be history for her parents’ golden wedding anniversary. “I was very happy. I know myself and I know that I usually can’t do something like this on my own – I always need the impulse and motivation.

1. Tip: Have a better overview of snacks

She started her first major weight loss attempt back in 2003: At that time, she lost almost ten kilos with a weight loss program from her health insurance company. Here, too, motivation played an important role. “As a reward, I went on a trip to Jamaica with my mother,” she says. She hopes to be able to celebrate such a great success this time too. After our introductory meeting, I would ask you to draw up a precise nutrition log for the next three days. She has to note what she ate and when – and not skip a snack or glass of wine. This process is initially unfamiliar to many people, but very useful for losing weight. So we often only notice how many small snacks we are actually having each day. Often we just remember that we had a salad for lunch, but the afternoon chocolate bar falls under the table.

These 5 tips can help you lose weight!



lose weight
I’ve lost 25 pounds – these are my 5 tips

Those who want to lose weight have to be prepared for many stumbling blocks, problems, moments of horror on the scales and other unforeseen events. I’ve lost 25 pounds and kept my weight off successfully. How did I do that? Here are my five tips that will help you do it too.

Her weakness, Susanne admits, is sweets. This has also been shown in the evaluation of her nutritional protocol. Lunch and dinner are usually healthy – but snacks, that extra glass of juice at breakfast or reaching into the candy drawer while watching TV can all be dangerous. So the first tip I can give is: Avoid snacks as much as possible. It’s not always easy, but with a little practice it works well. Above all, it doesn’t mean that you have to do without sweets and co. Class instead of dimensions is the motto here. Instead of unconsciously eating a handful of chips in front of the TV, one can rather nibble and enjoy a handful of nuts.

2nd tip: exercise, exercise, exercise

A second problem is the lack of exercise, says Susanne. Although she is always on the move through the household and her daughter, she often cannot get herself up to sport. There is also a solution here: simply incorporate movement into everyday life. Of course, it’s good if we can incorporate regular exercise such as running or strength training into our week, but that’s not for everyone. Susanne herself has problems with her knees, so she cannot run. But riding a bike is an option. She cycles to work or shopping – a clever solution.

So for the first time we have created a timetable. Now it is important to check this again and again and to react to problems. Find out how Susanne’s weight-loss journey will continue on Marians Welt!

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