Burger on skin

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hamburger-on-the-skin-the-dirty- bastard-DB1-cafe-51-ickfdSource: Cafe 51
Aficionados of hamburger and tattoos has one more reason to eat one juicy sandwich and get a tattoo. THE australian diner Cafe 51 likes to promote challenges for to attract new customers, and this time the innovation was in the skin and in the stomach: whoever makes a tattoo of your items menu can win one free hamburger a day for the rest of your life. And have you ever thought about getting a food tattoo?
In addition to this challenge, the establishment promotes challenges such as the so-called Tower of Power that is a cheeseburger done with 20 slices of meat, and the Minis Mountain, where each customer has only 5 minutes to hit the record of mini burgers eaten.
hamburger-on-the-skin-mountain-hamburger-cafe51-ickfdSource: Cafe 51
The idea this time is for the brave who tattoo on your skin in the name of the chance to have a free hamburger every day for your whole life. But tattoo must be done in real size.
hamburger-on-skin-hypeness-tattoo-hamburger-ickfdSource: Catraca Livre – Style
The creator was Steve Agi, the owner of restaurant who said he had the idea gives promotion noting that several customers jhad the drawings in their bodies. First proposal was select 10 among those registered to participate, but did so much success that Steve and the partners are considering expanding the number of awarded.

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