Burning Fat These five myths make weight loss mistakes
Burning fat these five myths make weight loss mistakes

Burning Fat These five myths make weight loss mistakes

Anyone who wants to lose weight wants to boost fat burning above all. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with a lot of good advice. We reveal the biggest myths about burning fat.

There are many supposedly bomb-proof weight loss tips. But well-intentioned is not also right at the same time. We’ll tell you which five myths about fat burning can be safely ignored in the future.

1. Fat becomes lean muscle through weight training

You can safely forget about this fat burning myth – it doesn’t work, at least not that directly. For example, when you do crunches, you build the abdominal muscles. However, the fat on the stomach does not automatically disappear. Abdominal fat in particular is the first fat deposit that the body builds up and the last that it breaks down again.

But like so many myths, there is an ounce of truth in here: strength training generally boosts fat burning. This is due to the afterburn effect and the fact that muscle mass generally consumes more energy than fat tissue. So the more muscles you build, the more energy you can use and the faster you can burn fat.

In order to accelerate fat burning, you can therefore build up muscles in a targeted manner. Cleverly, you concentrate on large muscles such as thighs or back muscles, because these can convert the most energy.

2. Most calories are burned in the morning

That too is nonsense! The fat burning is always the same. However, exercising in the morning can help prepare the body for burning fat during the day. However, if you struggle with exercising in the morning, you might as well exercise in the evening. For weight loss, it makes no difference when you exercise. Whether at six in the morning or at midnight: the calorie consumption is always the same.

By the way: These sports and nutrition tips really help to boost your fat burning very easily.

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Sport and nutrition
So you can easily stimulate your fat burning

Better weight loss: Do you want to stimulate your fat burning? With the right combination of exercise and diet, that’s not a problem. We’ll tell you how to do it.

3. Grapefruit and pineapple burn fat

Another fat-burning myth that persists: Allegedly, the enzymes in grapefruit and pineapple are supposed to dissolve the bacon rolls into thin air. But that’s wrong: The enzymes in the fruits only help with digestion, they have nothing to do with burning fat!

The little bit of truth here: The fruits are still good for the figure because they prevent a bloated stomach. Pineapple also has a dehydrating effect. Thanks to the bitter substances, grapefruit suppresses the appetite and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. But be careful: grapefruit can increase the effects of some drugs.

4. Fat is only burned when training in the low heart rate range for a long time

That is also not true. Many fitness trackers have a heart rate range for burning fat. But that has nothing to do with the fact that fat burning is particularly effective here. A low heart rate range can only be maintained for a long time, which is why it is ideal for long training sessions! In fact, fat burning is much higher with intensive interval training than with moderate training. As long as you stay in the aerobic range (which can be determined individually and through a lactate test), you will always burn fat.

You don’t have to pedal for ages on the cross trainer either. Although the carbohydrate stores are actually used to generate energy at the beginning, fat is also being burned at the same time.

5. Lots of small meals are good for burning fat

Would you rather eat less and more often instead? The weight loss tip to keep the metabolism running with lots of small meals has long been refuted by studies. It was already clear at the end of the 90s that the number of meals has no effect on fat burning. On the other hand, there is a risk that the “small” meals will not end up being so small. So stick to three main meals a day. The decisive factor is not how often you eat, but the only decisive factor for your weight loss success is which nutrients you eat and how high the total number of calories in the meals is.

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