But no fattening study shows that pasta can help you lose weight

But no fattening study shows that pasta can help you lose weight

Pasta makes you fat! Many of us think so. But that’s not true. We’ll tell you what studies have found about carbohydrates in pasta.

Noodles are delicious and are not only on the menu for Italians. We Germans also love them dearly. But in many diet guides you can read that you should rather avoid pasta, because they don’t help you lose weight, but are considered fattening. Allegedly, the carbohydrates contained in the pasta are to blame.

Pasta is not fattening up

In 2016 the Italian research institute “Instituto Neurologico Mediterraneo” published the results of a study on the subject of “Pasta as fattening food”. It was attended by 23,000 Italians who had lived mainly on pasta in their lives.

Amazingly, it turned out that eating pasta leads to a healthier body mass index, lower waist size and better waist-to-hip ratio. This was confirmed by one of the authors of the study, which was published on the “neuromed.it” portal.

This also means that the carbohydrates present in the pasta are not considered as fattening foods, but rather the pasta sauces, which are prepared with a lot of fat.

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Carbohydrates in pasta even help you lose weight

The results of the Italian colleagues now seem to be confirmed by a large-scale meta study from Canada. In Toronto’s “St. Michael’s Hospital ”, a total of 30 studies were evaluated, in which 2,500 test subjects took part who had only consumed carbohydrates in the form of pasta.

The doctors astonished the results. No higher body fat percentage was measured in the test persons, nor was any weight gain found in them. There was even a slight weight loss among the participants in the study, according to Dr. John Sivenpiper, the lead author of the research study.

That is due to the Carbohydrates in the pasta, which affect blood sugar levels differently, than, for example, the carbohydrates in white bread or potatoes. In plain language: Your blood sugar level rises more slowly after eating pasta than after consuming white bread.

Eat pasta right

So the carbohydrates in pasta are not fattening and can even lead to weight loss – but only if you eat them correctly and consume the right amount of pasta.
The experts from Canada recommend a maximum of around 3 servings of pasta per week, which also have to replace carbohydrates from other foods. So don’t eat rice or potatoes. A light tomato sauce with pasta is allowed. But you should avoid bacon and parmesan, because these ingredients are considered fattening foods.

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