Butter Alternative Ghee: How To Get Well With Fat

Butter Alternative Ghee: How To Get Well With Fat

It should be able to work wonders and be a real healer. We’ll tell you here whether that’s really true and what speaks for the fat from Ayurveda.

Fat has long ceased to count as the enemy of every bikini figure, because as we know there are also many healthy fats such as those found in avocados, peanuts, rapeseed or olive oil. Ayurvedic ghee is also included in moderation.

What is ghee

Ghee may sound exotic, but it is also known in our longitudes – but under a different name: “clarified butter” or “clarified butter” are common with us. Basically, ghee is nothing more than highly concentrated butter. It can be made by heating butter: milk proteins, milk sugar and water are skimmed off. What remains is the pure fat that Incidentally, it is also suitable for people with lactose intolerance. But that’s not all – five reasons why you should use ghee in the future.

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1. Ghee is easier to heat

In contrast to butter, when searing meat and Co. with ghee, you don’t have to worry that you will heat the fat too much and it will start to splatter and smoke. Ghee can contain a full 250 degrees, while butter starts to smoke at around 175 degrees and harmful acrylamide is formed.

2. Ghee doesn’t go rancid

Since the water content of ghee is zero, it is easy to store for weeks – even without refrigeration. Therefore, even at temperatures above the single-digit range, no microbial contamination can arise as with butter.

3. Ghee has a positive effect on heart health

As researchers found in a number of experimental studies, a moderate consumption of one teaspoon of ghee per day has a positive effect on heart functionality. Accordingly, the fat increases the good cholesterol level and thus prevents fat deposits in the arteries.

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4. Ghee lowers the risk of cancer

Animal studies have shown that eating ghee can lower the risk of cancer – especially breast cancer – compared to vegetable soybean oil.

5. Ghee as an anti aging booster

Consuming ghee at regular intervals reduces the number of free radicals in your body, which are responsible for the faster aging of our cells. The butter alternative binds these and removes them from the body. So with ghee you will keep your fresh look longer!

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