Butter Paper, Sulfurized Paper and Silpat

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When preparing a recipe, it is very common to use parchment paper instead of greasing the mold. Some ask for sulfurized paper and others for silpat. But what is each one of them?
Well, the similarity between everyone is that they don’t need oils or fats to be greased. They already have a non-stick surface that makes it easier (and a lot) to unmold the cake or take the cookies out of the shape. Butter paper is white, with a milky color. Sulfurized paper is darker and resembles that Panettone wrap. It has a brown color and withstands high temperatures (due to chemical processes), just like Butter.
baking paper 1
A care that must be taken, however, is to put it in the oven. Sulfurized paper cannot come into contact with the heat source, as it risks catching fire. Butter has a layer of wax, which prevents inflammation.
Unlike the two, which are disposable, Silpat is very resistant and long lasting. It was invented by the French chemist Guy Demarle and got its name because of the abbreviation “silicone pâtisserie”. It is a silicone sheet reinforced with glass fibers, resistant to both the oven and the freezer. When storing it, the recommendation is to just roll it up or leave it stretched, so as not to damage the fibers.
silpat 1
The Butter and Sulfurized papers start at R $ 1.95. It varies from market to market.
As it is durable, Silpat is more expensive and can be found in several sizes. The 400x300mm costs approximately R $ 68 and the 580x385mm costs R $ 115.

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