Cacti Everywhere

Cacti Everywhere

A little green at home is always good, but many people end up giving up on the idea because they don’t have time or don’t know how to take care of the plants. For those who identify with this profile, cacti can be excellent options. Easy to care for and beautiful, they are sure to make the decor more welcoming ?


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Placing them in pots of different sizes and shapes on a shelf, for example, is a super-cute way to fill some empty spaces in the house. Cacti can also be beautiful table arrangements: put them in a low, very large pot and set up a terrarium, it looks amazing!
There are also some perfect options for artificial cacti – these are even easier to care for, by the way, you don’t even need to!


Photos: Constance Zahn, Wa-Sabi, Decoration Findings, Buying a Beetle, House Stories, Portal House, Oppa and Mobly Blog

Other great options for a modern decor are the objects inspired by this plant and the mini prints! Ring holder, crochet and knitting objects, colorful pillows, cute pictures, pieces with neon …


Photos: Pinterest, Enjoei, Elo 7, Pinterest, Tooth Pick Mag, Casa Cláudia, Cool Crafts and Artesanato Magazine

See how there are other ways to put green at home? I don’t give up and you?

Where to find?

Cacti Everywhere

1- Small Cactus Plate from Tamarindos at Americanas – R $ 62.90
2- Led Luminous Cactus at Mobly – R $ 99.90
3- White Marbled Cactus Decorative Statue on Etna – R $ 29.99
4- Ceramic Petisqueira at Americanas – R $ 129,00
5- Color Gifts Rectangular Cactus Cushion in Elo7 – R $ 42.00
6- Snake Ceramic Cactus Ornament at Americanas – R $ 79.67
7- White Ceramic Cactus Vase at Americanas – R $ 84.90
8- Cactus Vase at Storehouse Home Decor – $ 130.00
9- Cactus Doormat at Oppa Design – R $ 129.99
10- Decorating with Class Cactus Pot at Dafiti – R $ 93.90

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