Cafe Boulud in New York
Cafe boulud in new york

Cafe Boulud in New York

Those who follow me on instagram saw that Paulo and I arrived in New York a short time ago. Our stay there was not long, but we enjoyed the end of the year weather and the intense cold in the city. In addition to recording many travel vlogs, we also enjoyed an entire day without recording.
Although we have scheduled a fully Off, I couldn’t help sharing with you one of the coolest places we went there: Café Boulud. We will not have a vlog on site, but of course we took pictures for you to understand more about the restaurant clima

First of all, I need to say that we expected a much higher price. The place is not cheap, but it is sophisticated, the food is great and the service is impeccable. As we are talking about a restaurant on the Upper East Side, the trend is really a higher price, right? However, we think the values ​​are fair, especially since it is a restaurant with one star in the Michelin Guide and three in the New York Times.
The owner of the place is the French chef Daniel Boulud, who owns no less than 15 restaurants around the world. However, the chef at the Café Boulud in Manhattan is chef Aaron Bludorn.

Do we get our impressions? The service, although very formal, is wonderful. When you sit at the table you are already served and served with several delicious rolls: one with raisins, the other whole, a mini baguette, a more traditional bread and everything accompanied with butter. Delight, right?
Well, we chose the place because, in addition to being highly recommended, the restaurant has good vegetarian options. In fact, the menu is divided into 4 menus: traditional (French), seasonal, vegetarian and global (Japanese). Each menu has 2 starter options and 2 main courses, but I ended up choosing only the main course.

I chose the Fontina Ravioli, which is a delicious cauliflower ravioli! The crutons on top were also amazing and it was great to have a nice hot meal with the cold in New York.

Paulo opted for two dishes from the menu inspired by Japanese cuisine. The first was Konbu Cured Sea Bream, which is nothing more than a sea bream sashimi (golden). What brings the special touch to the dish is the freshly grated wasabi root!

His second dish was the Winter Clear Broth, a super-delicate broth, with little fat and very balanced. If you are in town during the winter, this is an excellent option, see? The broth comes with incredible quail dumplings. For those who still don’t know, dumplings are stuffed dumplings, in this case with quail. They are very typical of Japanese cuisine and worth a try.

In the end, even without asking for dessert, they brought us a basket full of madeleines that were perfect: crunchy cone, airy and fluffy inside, superdelicated flavor with a touch of lemon and freshly baked. I swear to you it was one of the best madeleines I’ve ever eaten in my life! Congratulations to pastry chef Ashley Brauze, really!

The place is open from Sunday to Sunday and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have no excuse to stop knowing, huh?


Address: 20 E 76th StNew York, NY 10021
Schedules: Monday to Friday: 7–10: 30AM, 12–2: 30PM, 5: 30–10: 30PM | Saturdays: 8–11AM, 12–2: 30PM, 5: 30–11PM | Sunday: 8–11AM, 12–3PM, 5: 45–10: 30PM

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