Caffe Ristoro

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This time my tip will be a mixture of culture and gastronomy for two reasons:

  1. Those who live in São Paulo hardly go out to see everything the city has to offer, I think that showing what is cool here, people end up going out more in search of places like that;
  2. The place is very tasty.

A lot of people pass on Avenida Paulista, look at this place, find it beautiful and pass straight. This place is Casa das Rosas, one of the last old mansions that still stands in Paulista. All exhibitions in the house are free, so it is worth visiting just to see the mansion. It’s incredible.
And few people know that, behind Casa das Rosas, as if it were in their backyard, there is Caffe Ristoro, a cozy and very tasty coffee.
On the menu, there are coffee options of all types: from cappuccino to iced coffee. It is worth taking a minute and trying it out.
On my visit, I was accompanied and ordered two types of savory pie: one of chicken and another of heart of palm.
They were very tasty, with light pasta and well seasoned.
In terms of sweets, they vary the flavors of cake daily, in addition to having brigadeiros, strawberry tart, cheesake, several options to accompany the coffee. I ordered the sweet milk cake with almonds.
The dough reminded me a lot of honey bread. The dulce de leche was smooth and pleasant, not the kind that stick to your throat, you know? The almonds were the “icing on the cake”, they broke the extreme sweet and gave a special touch to the dessert. Very good!
Caffe Ristoro is a mandatory stop for all paulistas and all people who come to know the city.
Contact Information
Address: Avenida Paulista, 37- Bela Vista
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 10pm
Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 6 pm

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