Caffeine – Copacabana

Caffeine - Copacabana

I like to vary what I eat in the morning and I’m impressed with people who eat the same things every day … coffee, flat bread with a slice of cheese and ham and a piece of cake. Aff, just thinking about it makes me crazy. I think that’s why I like eating out so much, because the possibilities are endless. This time, for a change lol, I went to Cafeína in Copacabana, which is actually a very good little place to eat well! My thoughts were light when I ordered the menu. Lie, not so much. I ordered a simple breakfast, consisting of a hot drink, bread basket, jam, butter, curd, cold cuts, natural juice. I found little and asked to complement two tartlets (an apple and a banana) and a waffle (which can never be missing lol).
cafeina6 cafeina5
But let’s go by parts! The place has a lovely variety of breads, pastries, hot and cold drinks. I remember very well the first time I went there. It was love at first sight. In the course I was studying nearby I never stopped eating banana puff pastry. It was almost an addiction. So I couldn’t help but post about it. Oh, and before I forget, there are other Cafeína units in other neighborhoods too, so there’s no excuse for not enjoying a good breakfast there!
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Returning to delicacies, the tartlets are wonderful. Do you know when there is a balance in flavor? That’s how I would describe the products there. They are pleasant to eat because they were made correctly, without exaggeration … on the spot. The breads are deliciously crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, warm enough to see the butter melt as it spreads over it, asking, or rather, begging to be devoured.
I know it was an exaggeration to order the pies, but I ate everything kkk. Do you know when you can’t stop eating? That’s how it happened. The pie crust was surprisingly soft and the filling very creamy and the caramel topping. The waffle was one of the most perfect combinations there is … Chocolate with strawberry! (a generous layer of chopped strawberries covered with a dark chocolate ganache). Needless to say, it was wonderful !!
These are just some of the suggestions I have to give. I’m sure you will love the environment and of course, your food too!
A thousand Kisses.
Phone: (21) 2547-8651

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